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African Soldier.jpg

Mimesis : African Soldier, 2018

Artist: JohnAkomfrah

Additional editing

"John Akomfrah's new multimedia installation remembers the millions of Africans and people of colour from across the globe who fought and took part in the First World War."

© Smoking Dogs Films; Courtesy Lisson Gallery


Deluge, 2018

Artist: Gideon Mendel

Co-edited with: Lara García-Reyne

"A five channel video installation, first shown at Kyotographie in Japan. This piece is the final iteration of the video component of Gideon Mendel's Drowning World project."

Picture by Takesshi Asano © KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018


Altered Landscapes, 2018

Artist: Juan delGado

Main screen editor

"The landscape bears witness to the traumas and displacements of the people that move through it"


Negotiation between madness and sanity, 2016

Artist: Zeynep Dagli

AV Technician

"A collective experiment unleashing the most primitive and urgent."

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